Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sharon Lamb: Commissioned Pet Portraits

I met Sharon Lamb in Tony Cirone's Color Theory class at Asnuntuck Community College in Connecticut a few years back. We became instant friends. Sharon is a very energetic, kind, and talented person.The most striking thing about her is her love for animals, especially horses. Sharon has a beautiful horse named Jewel, two dogs, and two cats.

Sharon doesn't just love animals...she loves to paint them too. Her specialty is pets and her favorite medium is acrylic, but (if you ask) she is more than happy to paint whatever you like. Check out Sharon's ebay bio and some of her paintings below, and please be sure to visit Sharon at her ebay store, A Brush With Fine Art or her etsy shop A Brush With Fine Art: Fine Art by Sharon Lamb. Sharon is not only a fantastic artist, she's also a fantastic person. You'll enjoy working with her. Remember, the images below belong to Sharon Lamb. Don't use them for anything without her permission.

11x14 Hand Painted Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting TWO Pets any Animals Dog Cat or HorseHand Painted 8x10 Custom Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting any Animal Dog Cat or Horse12x12 Custom Commissioned Pet Portrait painting Life Like Your Dog Cat Horse Great Gift

Fine Art by Sharon Lamb

As far as I can remember, my life has always involved painting and drawing.  Having animals all my life, they became the subjects of my work. Being raised in the country helped me understand wilderness and animals. I would go out and explore, return home and paint.  I've had many dogs, cats horses and other interesting animals growing up.  A day never went by without an animal by my side. To this day I have a horse, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Through the years I have enjoyed painting fine art, wall murals and commissioned paintings using oil or acrylic paint. I also enjoy colored pencil, graphite and pastel. I apply realism, surrealism and abstract to my work. Settling on realism and pet portraits!
Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting 10 x 10 Hand Painted any Animal Sharon LambHand Painted 8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting any Animal Artist Sharon LambCustom Hand Painted 8x10 Commissioned Pet Portait Painting any Animal Dog Cat or Horse
I hope you will enjoy my paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Thank you everyone and I welcome everyone back to see my newest additions to my ever growing collection of paintings. I have created these for people on EBay, Craft Shows, Art Shows, and other websites. Also friends, family and people in my home town. My paintings have sold all over the US as well as many other countries. Without all of your commissions I wouldn't be living my dream of painting more animals which I always feel is the deepest part of my soul.
Hand Painted 8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting any Animal Artist Sharon LambHand Painted 8x10 Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting any Animal Artist Sharon LambCommissioned Pet Portrait Painting11x14 Hand Painted Your Pet any Animal Dog Cat or Horse


urban decay said...

wow, these are incredible.

Lisa Snyder said...

I know, Sharon is really good at what she does. Thanks for the comment. I'm sure she will really appreciate it.