Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Buying Local

This past holiday season I started thinking more and more about supporting local artists, because it seems that virtually everything nowadays is made in a foreign country.  I decided that next Christmas, I would buy all of my holiday gifts from artisans in the state of North Carolina. I have seriously considered boycotting foreign made products all together, but wonder how realistic that is considering the amount of products sold that are made in China, Taiwan, or even Mexico.

I found an article on Yahoo by Jason Notte of TheStreet.com that made me think more about whether or not "American Made" products are really made in America. The article talks about how the general public sees an "American" brand (i.e. Levi's) and thinks that their products are strictly American made when that might not necessarily be true. Sure, some of the labor and materials might be "American", but some of it might not. How can I expect "Corporate America" and our government to support our people if I'm not willing to?

I don't really know if half the products that I buy are made somewhere else (they probably are), but I think that best way to start buying "American" is to purchase all of my gifts from local people. Pottery is really big here in North Carolina, and I think I will start there.

Maybe I will make a trip down to Seagrove, NC where there are over 100 potters along the North Carolina Pottery Highway (Hwy 705). The town I live in has some wonderful shops downtown that carry products made by people in the area. There is also the Raleigh Farmer's Market. They don't just have fresh fruits, and vegetables that were grown right here in North Carolina. They also have local nurseries, North Carolina made wine, crafts, soaps, cheese, bakery items and much more.

I think maybe I will need to start my Christmas shopping a little earlier this year!

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