I would say that I love to travel, but I don't like the actual traveling part. I do love to visit new places and I love to take pictures while I am there. No, I am not really a photographer. I am one of those people who will snap like a bazillion pictures and hope that I get a few nice ones (I usually do). I also love to share photos of the places that I have been even though I don't get many chances to go anywhere.

East Haddam, CT
In 2009, we finally got around to (after 5 years of living in Connecticut) making a trip to Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT. Visiting the park makes for a nice day trip. Aside from a tour of the castle itself, and the gift shop there is a river vista view that looks out onto the Connecticut River. There will be some hiking, so be sure to bring a picnic lunch if you go, but there is also a concession stand if you don't care to bring food. Gillette Castle State Park is definitely worth the trip. All of the photos below were taken at the park during our trip.


Lucama, NC
If you ever get a chance, head on over to Lucama, NC and check out the Whirligig place. Vollis Simpson has created some amazing works of art out of junkyard scraps. From what I understand, he's actually pretty famous. He even has a piece in the North Carolina Museum of Art. A friend and I took a trip to his place last year, and he was more than happy to let us take a look around his shop, and his property.  Mr. Simpson is over 90 years old, and has been creating his "windmills" for over twenty years. It was pretty amazing to view his work, and get to talk to him too! FYI: The town of Wilson has plans to move 32 of Simpson's larger pieces to a two-acre site in downtown Wilson. Check out their website for more info.


Some time during the month of May (2012), I am hoping for the opportunity to head to the western part of North Carolina, and visit Transylvania County-The Land of Waterfalls. The weather will be quite warm here, and I am hoping to take some really great pictures while we're there. I love living in North Carolina! FYI: We don't live in Connecticut anymore.

Interactive Waterfall Finder

My daughter wants to visit Sliding Rock while we are there. The weather will be warm, so I think it will make for some really great fun! I'm not so sure that I will be doing any sliding, but you never know.
I will be sure to post some pictures when we get back!