Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking a Break!

I know that I have been away for awhile. I haven't really posted much for the past few weeks, because  lately, I haven't really been feeling all that great. For some reason, I just don't feel like doing much of anything. I try to get things done anyway, but my motivation, and energy levels are at an all time low. I have been trying to work on some new design ideas for the holidays. I have also been working on the preliminary drawing for a painting that I want to do, but I don't really feel like I have accomplished as much as I could have. Please excuse the photo quality. This image was too big to put on my scanner, so I had to take a photo, and it didn't turn out all that great. Yes, the drawing still needs a lot of work.It might take a while to finish the poppies, because I get bored pretty easy, and drawing poppies will get old pretty fast.
This is my grandmother's house. Pretty picture, huh? It will be when it's done. I plan on using a bright blue for the sky, bright red and green for the field, and bright yellow for the house. Grandma's house is currently a light yellow. I'm employing a little artistic license here. It sure will be a pretty picture. Aside from the symbolism that is.

There is a whole, big, long story behind the idea for this painting, but I really don't feel like getting into it right now. Maybe someday I will dive headlong into that area of my life, but for now, lets just chalk it up to excercising my demons. If I seem to be babbling, it's because, along with the fatigue comes a serious lack of focus. I really hope I snap out of it soon.

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