Sunday, July 17, 2011

Working On A Deadline

It’s no secret that sometimes I have a little difficulty when it comes to getting motivated to complete some of the projects that I have been working on. The intention is always there, but somehow I always find myself getting sidetracked, and doing something else instead. I usually end up cleaning. Of course, with a husband, a teenager, and two cats, it usually needs it. However; I think that cleaning is a way of avoiding failure. I start on a project, and hesitate to finish because it might not turn out the way I see it in my head. I guess you could say that my biggest battles are with seeing things through to the end, and accepting the fact that there is no such thing as perfect.

To combat this problem, I have decided that it might be a good idea to set some deadlines for myself (my husband says that deadlines don’t always work). There are two projects in particular that I am going to finish within the next week. I am bound and determined to do so. Then, my plan (for the following week) is to touch up a painting that is sitting here waiting for a good facelift, sell it, finish the other (in progress) painting, and then sell it too. Week three is dedicated to actually planning out my next painting. I never really take the time to draw anything out before I put it on canvas, but this particular idea really needs a preliminary sketch for composition sake. So, I will spend an entire week drawing that out, and then I will spend another week drawing out another idea. Once that is done, then I can begin work on two very large paintings. I really hope this helps. My deadlines may require a little adjustment for the bigger projects, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

By reading this, you may think that maybe I’m just lazy. Sometimes, I ask myself if that is the case, but I am always busy doing something. I will spend countless hours setting up my workspace, or cleaning. Being at home, it is really easy to get sidetracked on something else. I think that I have spent my life working crappy jobs in order to avoid doing what I love, because I don’t want to be a failure at it. Maybe that comes from the lack of support that I got as a child.

I became interested in art when I was ten years old, but my family (some of you might know how this goes) was always telling me that I would never be able to make a living as an artist, and that I would never amount to much. I have got to conquer these fears, and prove that I am talented, I am smart, and I can succeed. Not for them, but for me. I have got to prove to myself that I can do it, and that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I have got to produce, even if it is total crap. I have got to do it, because it is what I love to do. Well, we’ll see how this goes. Wish me luck!!

Week 1 projects

I do believe that you have already seen the first one. No, I haven't finished the leaves yet. Part of that is because of problems with Adobe, and the other part is because I have been avoiding it because of the problems with Adobe. I had to completely reinstall the program, but I still can't save anything as an EPS, so I have to make adjustments.

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