Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Greatest Gift

To this day, I still remember, and think about the greatest gift that I have ever received and the people involved in giving it. About ten years ago, I worked at a Kohl's store in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. During that time, life began to fall apart. I thought that life as I knew it was over. My husband and I were on the verge of losing everything. We were fortunate that I still had my job; even though he had lost his and the money that I made just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t the greatest job in the world, but I worked with the greatest people.

Once a week, a team of designated employees got together to make decisions on how to spend money saved in a fund which was typically used for parties and events to show employee appreciation. This same group decided what the details of the annual Christmas charity would be. Most of the families that benefited from their generosity were unknown to them, but that year they had secretly chosen someone that worked very close with them. They chose my family. When we couldn’t afford food, they provided it. When we couldn’t afford to buy our daughter Christmas presents, they made it possible. The manager of my store even gave me two hundred dollars worth of gift cards so that I could buy gifts for others.

It wasn’t the material items that were the greatest. It was the love, kindness and friendship that they showed my family. I will never, ever forget these people and how much they mean to me. Every day that goes by I still wish that there were some way that I could thank them, but no matter what I do, it will never be enough. They are my angels and I will always wish them well for as long as I live.   

They have all scattered now and I couldn’t find them if I wanted to, but I will never forget; Lenore, Helga, Aleida, Franny, Judy, Steve or Scott. Not to mention the rest of the Whitehall Kohl's team. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


ruralfrance said...

What a contrast to your human nature story! There is still human kindness out there, I think the bad just gets more press. In general, I believe that if you treat people well, it's is returned in the same way, but of course there are always exceptions. I live in a tiny community, just 5 houses, and I know I could call on anyone of those people for help, and vice versa. It's a lovely story though and obviously they think a lot of you :)

Lisa Snyder said...

Thank you for your comments ruralfrance. I think that I have a tendency to be a black and white type of person. It either is or it isn't, and from time to time my posts will vary along with my emotions. There was a time when a lot of people (mostly family) were detrimental to my mental health, and the well being of my family. Sometimes, I still feel anger about that, but there are a few angels out there, and I appreciate them every day of my life. I am immensely happy to hear that you have people in your life that you feel you can count on, because that is very important. Best wishes to you and those you love.