Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'll Stay Home, Thank You Very Much

My husband and I are fortunate to be able to work from home, so we don't get out much. We most certainly don't get much of a chance to go to the movies. Not that we would want to. There isn't really a whole lot out there that is worth spending the money on. Sure, I guess you could say that some people go to the movies for the experience and not the actual movie, but you could also say that we are cheap and would rather save the money and forego the experience for a nice quiet evening at home. We wait for the movies we want to see to become available on Netflix. Yes, I know we are way behind.

We finally saw Paranormal Activity 3 on Netflix last week. I have to say that it was just as bad as the other two. There was a little more action in this one, so it moved along a little quicker, but the scariest thing about this movie was the 80's decor and I kind of knew from the trailer that there would be absolutely no point whatsoever to the whole "Bloody Mary" thing. I couldn't have been more right. This movie (like the others) is probably better for insomniacs, because it will put them right to sleep.

I remember when we went to see the first Paranormal Activity (we did see this one in the theater). After sitting there for what felt like forever, eventually people started complaining about how boring it was. The guy in the row in front of us, the people a couple rows back too. I'm pretty sure that was the only time I had gone out to a movie and heard that many complaints. My ten year old daughter was just as bored as everyone else. It's not that hard to scare a kid! Come on now! I find it really hard to believe that these movies are as successful as the advertisements claim them to be.

Paranormal Activity is one of the many movie franchises that have kept us home (along with work) instead of venturing out for our entertainment. Like I said before, we wait for everything to come out on Netflix, and thanks to them, I've seen some pretty awesome movies that I've never even heard of. I don't think that will last too much longer though, with the way things are going with them.

If you're looking for something interesting to watch, you can find some hilarious reviews for some pretty obscure movies (we watch weird stuff) on my husband's blog,  The Horror Movie Hits Blog! Some of them might surprise you. Hint - be sure to check out Troll Hunter. It's actually pretty good!

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